a breif history

The story of Weldtech dates back to February 1997 when armed with some second hand furniture and some old tools Ahsan Rauf embarked on the journey.

With only one worker, Ahsan Rauf was a one man band and his duties included being the driver, the helper, the quotes guy and everything else that went along.

As time went on, Weldtech started to make an impact on it's no more than 20 clients at the time with good service and quality of it's products and so the word went around.

By 2003 Weldtech had already turned into a major security engineering concern with it's technicians and installers being trained directly with the manufacturers in order to acquire knowledge that went beyond installing. Thus the name Weldtech Engineering came about.

Today Weldtech Engineering not only operates in Johannesburg but also in the entire Gauteng region and has on it's list of thousands of clients, national companies such as Transnet and government hospitals such as Sizwe Hospital and Jeppe Clinic amongst many others.