We have various intercom systems to suit your requirements depending on your application.

Whether you are looking for a very basic intercom system or an intercom system for a multi-dwelling, wired or wireless, audio or video, we have a solution that would best suit your requirements.

Commax 1 to 1

A very basic intercom system based on one handset and one gate station.

Handset has a seperate push button to enable access via the gate.

Commax 1 to 2

Same as Commax 1 to 1 except that it is based on two handsets with intercommunication facility as well. Both handsets with gate access buttons.

Commax video intercom

With built-in camera at the gate station, the outside can be viewed directly on the handset's lcd screen. Available in colour or black and white versions.

Could be installed with a single or multiple handsets. All handsets with gate access buttons.


Bpt intercom system could be installed just about anywhere. With the capability of taking multiple handsets, (as many as 200) with or without intercommunication, it's a perfect tool for hospitals, schools or muti storey buildings.

Bpt (TPT 300L)

A wireless intercom system for large complexes. Operates either with a GSM Sim card or a direct telephone line. Calls directly to pre-programmed numbers.


A new generation intercom system designed in Canada. Operates with a SM Sim card. Calls directly to pre-programmed numbers.

Operates via a secure website and a monthly audit can be conducted to assess the usage. Keeps track of who entered and exited when.

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Upgraded version of the B1000 above. Capable of sending out bulk emails and sms messages to residents. Keeps track of all traffic, including the residents remotes.

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Specially designed systems

Should you have a requirement for a specially designed system, for e.g. a school, etc. please contact us for site evaluation.



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