Our experienced design team has designed quality gate packages to meet your needs.

Our gates are manufactured with care to provide maximum security, durability and convenience. We work hard to customize our package so that all your requirements are taken into consideration.

Special Design Features:

Gates don’t have to boring. We offer a range of models varying from Basic to Modern or Victorian. We will work with you to give you gates that speak the elegance of the Modern design or the charm of the Victorian model. Be it wrought iron or wood, swing or sliding, our design team will integrate their efforts with the engineering team to custom design the “right” look and architecture.

Special Engineering Features:

We have specialized knowledge within our team to give you extensive engineering expertise. These provide a series of recommendations that best fits your needs for secure gates.

  • The undercoat, which is usually two coats of primer and the top coat are both offered with a choice of either powder coated or sprayed with high quality paints.
  • The ground for ‘level’ bottom track is concreted.
  • Precautions are taken to test the suitability of the ground for structural support
  • Dimensions and measurements are specified during the analysis phase
  • Installation of the ‘anti-lift’ brackets ensure the state-of-the-art security feature because it’s virtually ‘impossible’ to derail our sliding gates.
  • The bottom track gets reinforced and concreted using a reinforcement system which will ensure that you will not be left with cracked or chipped driveway
  • Special locking systems such as Magnetic locks for swing gates

For long lasting and excellent quality paints, we recommend Hammerite

Special Needs/Requirements:

From problematic driveways, where the gradient of the ground is such that it’s impossible to lay a level bottom track, to the most basic ones, our engineering team and consultants will work with you to bring you what you want. We will find the most suitable and secure solution.

In addition to manufacturing new gates we also specialize in gate conversions where existing swing driveway gates can be modified into a single sliding gate. Please contact us for further information.